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Goddard School Display

Display at the Goddard School in Middletown, DE - 10 members took their precious Corvettes to the Goddard School for the children of all ages to see, touch and question the drivers. Some said it was the kids that had all the fun, but others seem to think they had just as much fun. Here is a picture that says more than words can speak: Norm's car being "touched" all over. Below the picture you can see Norm's comments. Thanks to John Makovec, Mike Copes, Ken Messer, Dan Dziombak, Gordon English, Rich Cooke, Norm Kiaunis, Phil, Pete Thompson, and Bob Yacono.

Comments from Norm: "Being an ol' grizzly car show veteran, and of course kids, especially little kids, around the car is call for another dose of blood pressure medicine, anxiety control and an unhealthy dose of Sheldon Cooper OCD......but this was fun. The pre, pre-pre, and pre-pre-pre school officials had asked a club member if we could bring a few Corvettes for the kids to see (code for crawl all over). Actually these little tykes were well behaved, and we endured some fingerprints. We had 10 cars show, Phil (SilverVert) as well.......and, presented by the kids, with a big thank you, we all got a trophy with a lollipop. That will be my most cherished trophy."

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