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2017 Poker Run

Poker Run Boss Rick Baker with his trusty sidekick and Co-Boss Sandy Powell

On this semi-bright Sunday morning, 50 members met at the Lake Forest Elementary School in Felton, DE to start a fun Poker Run. The creators of this run were Rick and Linda Baker, Jack & Sandy Powell, and Gordon & Ann English. The 21 Corvettes competing in the run left at intervals with different road courses planned for each. The fun part was meeting another Corvette going in the opposite direction and wondering if someone made a wrong turn. I'll never tell !!!

At 6 locations along the course, we received a playing card from Card Dealers John Lynn, Gordon English, Terry Pepper, Jack Powell, Art Matichak, and "The Ladies" team of Ann English & Linda Baker. The 7th stop was a pizza place outside of Greensboro where you had to go inside and ask for a "Card to Go".

The final stop was Cohee's 404 Restaurant near Denton on Route 404. The restaurant is not normally open on Sundays but opened just for us - all 50 of us.

The winners were Best Hand - Ron & Debbie Rafter

2nd Best Hand - Mitch & Connie Meyers

3rd Best Hand - Tom & Lucy Mehl

4th Best Hand - Frank & Linda Silvaggio

Worst Hand - Lee & Julie Moran

Others participating but falling short were: Bruce & Donna Ballard, Bill & Kathy Olechny, Ken & Kathy Messer, Rich & Linda Cooke, Rick & Linda Berry, Dan & Sue Dziombak, Chatty & Sharon Reed, Jeff & Ann Witt, Boyce Failing & Renee Pugh, Dwayne & Lise' Lavender, Bruce Hartig & Guest, Jim & Lois Murray, Keith & Lori Koyanagi, George & Maxine DeOld, Mel & Carol Geiger, and Cesar & Melissa Ocampo.

Once again, thanks to the crew that set up the run - - can't wait for the next one.

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