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Cruise to St. Michaels

FSCC had 21 Corvettes and members drive over to St. Michaels from Felton, De for lunch and shopping. Lunch was at the Lighthouse Bar & Grill and we filled the upstairs with laughter and conversation. Thanks to Jack & Cynthia Mason for leading this crew: Don & JoAnne Broskey, Billy & JoAnn Vorwald, Ron & Jacquelyn Talford, Fred & Cecilia Hall, Bruce & Donna Ballard, Gordon & Ann English, Rick & Linda Berry, Ken & Kathy Messer, Mike & Linda Waal, Jeff & Ann Witt, Bill & Kathy Olechny, Dan & Sue Dziombak, Rich & Linda Cooke, Frank & Linda Silvaggio, Keith & Lori Koyanagi, Dennis Creese, Jim & Lois Murray, Chatty & Sharon Reed, Bruce Hibbs & Donna Cain, and George & Maxine DeOld. See more pictures under 2017 Gallery.

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