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Day 5 of the Fall Trip

Again, we were up bright and early to get breakfast before the rest of the island tour ala Gordon. We went to Katama, South Beach, Beetlebung Corner, Aquinnah, and West Tisbury. We stopped along the way to see the bridge where the famous movie "Jaws" was filmed - did not get to see him.....

Lunch was at the Aquinnah Shop, atop the gorgeous hill that overlooked the clay cliffs, a lighthouse and beautiful surf. Water was really churning due to the hurricane that just passed by...

We returned to the hotel later in the day and people could occupy themselves however they wanted while waiting for dinner at the hotel. We got a private room and boy did we need it.

Chatty and Kathy Messer gave us a rendition of how not to pump gas.

Early to bed, early to rise to catch the ferry back to the mainland.

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