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Mystery Lunch Cruise

Gordon and Ann English too

k the group of 14 Corvettes and one shiny SUV from the parking lot of Pizzadili Winery, through the country side, side-swiping Goldsboro, passing through Baltimore Corner and sneaking out on Rt. 301. After a few miles west on 301 we exited at Kent Island. Everyone was guessing Annie's, Fisherman's Inn, but Gordon slipped into the parking lot of The Jetty and they were saving us preferred parking.

Cruising through the landscape were: Gordon & Ann English, Frank & Linda Silvaggio, Chatty & Sharon Reed, Ed & Lois Pielech, Bruce & Donna Ballard, Don & Josie Gibson, George DeOld, Dan & Susan Dziombak, Bill & Kathy Olechny, Darlene Hurley "Thelma" & Marianne Callahan (Louise), Mitch & Connie Meyers, Tyler Bullock, Lee & Julie Moran, Rick & Linda Baker, and Keith & Lori Koyanagi.

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