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Mystery Lunch Cruise

Norm led 14 Corvettes over the river and thru the woods to the KentMorr Inn in Stevensville, MD. This restaurant sits right on the Chesapeake Bay and has loads of charm. We were here one year ago when Keith & Lori had to suddenly leave, their house was on fire.... better luck today.

Traveling over and having a great lunch was: Tyler Bullock, Lori & Keith Koyanagi, Bruce Hartig & Anne Cain, Rich & Linda Cooke, Cesar & Melissa Ocampo, Bruce & Donna Ballard, Jim & Lois Murray, Gordon & Ann English, Lee & Julie Moran, Dan & Sue Dziombak, Dennis Creese & Guest, George & Maxine DeOld, Norm Kiaunis & Cathy Raley, and Ed & Lois Pielech.

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