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Mystery Lunch Cruise to the Beach

Leaving from Milford, we had 31 Vetters follow a straight line down Route 1 to Bethany Beach. Lunch was at the Cottage Cafe in Bethany Beach and the food was GREAT !!

Thanks to all that traveled and be sure to see the rest of the pictures under 2019 Gallery.

Escorting this group was Bruce and Donna Ballard and they were joined by Bill & Kathy Olechny, Bruce Hartig and Anne Cain, Gordon and Ann English, Rich and Linda Cooke, Dennis Creese, Keith and Lori Koyanagi, Jack and Sandy Powell, Mike and Linda Waal, Tyler Bullock, Linda Silvaggio sans Frank, Dan and Sue Dziombak, Chatty and Sharon Reed, Jim and Lois Murray, Norm Kiaunis and Cathy Raley, Ed Marcelle and Sue Lehman, and Ed and Lois Pielech. Thank you all for coming.....

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